Therapy Pool lose weight and stay in shape

The goal of this project was to create an inexpensive, heated, saltwater, DIY therapy pool at home. This makes exercise enjoyable and more convenient for a busy lifestyle. Water provides the best environment for exercise. Regular pool workouts increase flexibility and mobility which can decrease chronic pain and inflammation.

Benefits of pool exercise:
1. Dynamic Resistance – low impact resistance against movement
2. Hydrostatic Pressure – helps with inflammation
3. Buoyancy – weightless environment reduces pressure on joints

We look forward to jumping in the pool everyday. I normally do 3 sets of 5-minute arm strokes and 3 sets of 5-minute leg kicks. Then, I’ll finish off with 10 minutes of core exercises with my head resting on the inflatable pool rim and my arms bracing off the bottom of the pool.

The Saltwater Pool Pump relieves the need for using harsh pool chemicals and keeps your pool water crystal clear. We set ours on the internal timer to chlorinate for 1 hr per day. This pump can also be used as a filter without chlorine production. Add about 20 lb of salt for the 8ft pool. The saltwater pool pump creates free chlorine from the salt.

The Electric Instant Water Heater works incredibly well. The Heater has three settings and we’ve been running ours for a few hours a day on low and medium to bring the water temp up to 75 or 80 degrees.

Build Your Own Pool At Home