Clean Energy

Electrical generation from large wind turbines has become increasingly popular, due to cost effective energy production. However, in many areas there are still vast expansions of untapped wind power waiting for new solutions to take hold. Hydro-power has always been the largest renewable energy in terms of overall percentage of installed capacity, but by the end of 2016, wind will account for 7.3 percent of total energy generating capacity in the U.S. If wind continues to grow at the same rate, it would grow to 8.4 percent in 2017 and become the top clean energy producer in 2018.

Wind power offers an alternative to conventional fuel burning cargo ships. Ocean shipping is the life line of the global economy, but ships emit over 20 million tons of greenhouse gas annually. Large shipping companies are focused on keeping the world supplied and are not inclined to make transformation unless new methods are presented.

Pacific Sky Power Sustainable Shipping is developing new clean energy freighters and methods for the shipping industry. While the largest container ships traveling between major ports burn tremendous amounts of fuel, they are considered to be efficient. The majority of ships servicing smaller ports are much less efficient and extremely polluting. By developing a new class of ship powered from renewables, we can easily make large cuts in our dependency on fossil fuels and reduce maritime pollution.