Sailing With The Kiteboat Controller

The Kiteboat Controller was developed for sailing with kites. The system deploys a two line foil for towing kite power and can be used on all normal sailing courses. The system was originally designed for kayaks and canoes but also can provide self-rescue towing on any boat.
Since 2013, all aspects of the Kiteboat Controller have been tested and refined for increased performance and safety. Pacific Sky Power is now offering the SX Kiteboat Controller. This system is a nice addition for kayaks and canoes, or as a safety kite for any boat. The SX Controller can use foil kites up to 2.0 square meters.
A kite harnesses more power than a normal sail and can be quickly deployed using the Kiteboat Controller. For best performance, the system should be used in 10 to 20 knot winds. For launch, hold the kite up to catch the wind, and then start reeling out. Once the kite is fully deployed, steer by pivoting the control bar. When you need a break, reel-in and stow the kite.
In the last decade, kiting with boards has exploded from a recreational past time to a full-fledged competitive sport. Kitesailing from a boat takes on a different feel and you can bring along passengers to share the adventure. The Kiteboat Controller won’t boost you into the air but will pull small boats at impressive speeds.





Set up for kitesurfing requires a wide-open space to straighten the control lines before launch and to safely come back to shore and land the kite. When using the Kiteboat Controller, users can easily launch directly from the boat. This greatly expands options for use in the boating world.

Jump on a kayak or canoe and send the kite skyward. After launch, the kite can be maneuvered through power stokes. This increases line tension for faster boat speed. Depending on your skill level, this system can be used in 10 to 25 knot winds. We recommend 10 to 15 knots wind and training on land for beginners.

Kite power can be used for trolling and catching all types of fish. The kite pilot sits in front with the steersman manning the poles. During a hookup, the kite pilot stabilizes the kite to reduce boat speed. Once the fish is onboard, swooping maneuvers will increase boat speed for more kite powered fishing fun.

As a safety kite, the system can be deployed or retrieved at moment’s notice to provide towing power and destress signaling. Insurance companies now require this for some offshore racing because it provides a much cheaper alternative to marine rescue. The Kiteboat Controller with kite is extremely compact, user friendly and affordable. Stay posted on latest news and videos on the Pacific Sky Power website. Learn More