MEGA Loop Kayaking

MEGA Loop Kayaking
MEGA Loop Kayaking is an upcoming race series for kayakers. Kite looping generates maximum power for increased speed and fun. Prizes are awarded for best time and most loops completed. MEGA Loop Kayaking combines kayaking and kite flying to create a new water sport that is much safer than kitesurfing. MEGA Loop Kayaking uses a smaller kite, but aggressive flight maneuvers pull kayaks at impressive speeds.







Race Equipment
Race equipment includes one and two person kayaks, paddles, and Kiteboat Controllers with two line foil kites. The Kiteboat Controller is a kite sailing system for launch, flight control, and revival of a traction kite directly from a boat. The Kiteboat Controller maintains equal line lengths throughout the launch and revival, allowing rapid deployment and retrieval of the kite.

Kite Kayaking
Kayaking with kite power is easy to learn and can be enjoyed on almost any body of water. As the kite is maneuvered through the power zone, it acts like a paddle in the wind. This dynamic motion harnesses more wind compared to a traditional sail and produces high power with a small kite. For launch, hold the kite up to catch the wind then send it skyward. The kite quickly deploys with full steering control and is maneuvered with power strokes to increase line tension. One person kayakers can use a rudder or small sea anchor for directional control. The two person kayaks can use a rudder or paddle in the water. For retrieval, the kite comes in quickly and the winch handle is locked. This makes it ready for the next kite deployment.







MEGA Loop Kayaking – Races

Racers swoop and loop their kites for exciting downwind speed runs. The variable kite maneuvers produce different line tensions and hull speeds. At the downwind mark, kites are retrieved and racers paddle upwind to the finish line. Follow us on Facebook for training videos, tips and upcoming race schedules.Learn More

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