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Pacific Sky Power participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program to innovate clean energy, promote healthy living, and travel to harness wind energy around the world. Pacific Sky Power projects are developing new methods for harnessing clean energy. It is our mission to implement viable solutions and help the world transition away from fuel fuels. In recent years, Pacific Sky Power wind turbines have become popular for learning about power in the wind. Many schools around the world are using these wind turbines because they are safe, efficient, and user friendly. In addition to fixed installation for battery charging, wind turbines can be used for testing and experimenting with new inventions. Our wind turbines have been used on vehicles, bicycles, kites and kinetic wind sculptures. With help from NASA, a school in Texas is perfecting methods to launch a wind turbine in a rocket and measure wind speed at 2000 feet above ground.
Clean Energy

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Healthy Living
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Sun Protection
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