Sky Turbine Wind Generator

The Sky Turbine Wind Generator starts power production in 8 mph winds and has very good prop acceleration for efficient power production. The Sky Turbine Wind Generator is a simplified wind power system that relives the need for tower installation. Run the set line to a tree or other elevated structure. Dual dihedral tail fins keep the wind turbine pointing into the wind at all times. This can charge most batteries and works well at home, for RVs, remote cabins, and camping. Many people around the world are using these wind turbines because they are safe, efficient, and user friendly. A 15″ long propeller is included along with a diode, 25 ft long, 14 GA power cable and detailed instructions for testing. Generate up to 15 watts while charging a 12 volt battery. Power LED lights, personal electronics, air pumps, and more. These wind turbines are commonly used with solar to help keep a battery topped off. Order Now







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