Pacific Sky Power

Take a step toward clean energy independence with solar, wind, and healthy living. Pacific Sky Power participates in the Amazon Associates Program to innovate clean energy, promote healthy living, and travel to harness wind energy around the world. Pacific Sky Power wind turbines are popular for charging batteries and learning about power in the wind. Many schools are using these wind turbines because they are safe, efficient, and user friendly. In addition to fixed installation for battery charging, wind turbines can be used for testing and experimenting with new inventions. Our wind turbines have been used on vehicles, bicycles, boats, kites, kinetic wind sculptures, and to harness hydro power from a stream. With help from NASA, a school in Texas developed a rocket system to launch a wind turbine and measure wind speed at 2000 feet above ground.

Kiteboat Controllers launch, control, and retrieve two-line kites directly from a boat. Compared to conventional sails, a kite harnesses more wind and can be used for sailing on all normal sailing courses. Kite sailing is the fastest growing water sport and the kiteboat controller makes it possible from any boat.

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Travel Adventure

Pacific Sky Power supports travel adventure for health and prosperity. All forms of travel enhance our lives and increase our life expectancy. Research shows that travel reduces stress, keeps your body healthy, and boosts brain function.

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PSP In the news
Our projects have been featured on King 5 Evening Magazine, Three Sheets Northwest, The Maritime Site, Pacific Business News, Green Yaps, Hawaii Public Radio, Alaska Fish Radio, Bangor Daily, Gizmag, Seattle Times, Mount Desert Islander and many more online blogs.