Pacific Sky Power New Product Release

Sun Hat
Face Shield

SUBJECT: Pacific Sky Power makes sun exposure healthier

In his 20’s, Dan Tracy was living his dream. He lived on the island of Maui, Hawaii while developing clean energy projects. Unfortunately, all the intense sun exposure he received on the islands, put him face-to-face with pre-cancer (Melanoma) treatment. It was at that moment he decided to create the Sun Shield Hat.


The Sun Shield Hat is the ultimate in UV protection. Its futuristic design fits just like a baseball cap as it effectively gives your face, neck, ears and head complete coverage from the sun’s damaging rays. The Sun Shield Hat is made from high-quality materials and its go-anywhere construction comes with a built-in visor, a fully adjustable drawstring, and hide-away neck flap.

The Sun Shield Hat is perfect for beach trips, boating, fishing, days around the pool, and much more!

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