Kiteboat Controller

• Adventure sailing with a kite.
• Fun with kayaks and canoes or for distress signaling and tow.
• Launch and retrieve 2 line kites up to 3 square meters.
• Includes 15 M control lines and a waist harness.
• Can be used for kiteboating, kite power experiments and aerial photography.

The Kiteboat Controller is a nice addition for Kayaks and Canoes. A kite harnesses more power than a normal sail and can be quickly deployed using the Kiteboat Controller. For best performance, this system should be used in 10 to 20 knot winds. For launch, hold the kite so it fills with wind, then start reeling out. Once the kite is fully deployed, steer by pivoting the control bar. When you need a break, reel-in and stow the kite. This system can pull small boats at impressive speeds and is also suitable for self-rescue towing.

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SX Kiteboat Controller (made to order)

Cost $999.99
SX Kiteboat Controller Instruction Manual