Save The World Advanced Wind Power Concept Boat In Development

Help us help the world transition to clean energy. Purchase one of the following wind turbine kits for charging batteries and learning about power in the wind. They can provide clean energy for LED lights, personal electronics, air pumps, and more.
Small Wind Turbine Generator $49.95
High Wind Turbine Generator: $59.95
Small Wind Turbine with Tail $69.95
Cell Charger Wind Turbine Kit $99.95
Travel Wind Turbine $109.95

Pacific Sky Power is developing an advanced wind power solution for ocean shipping. Over the ocean, wind power is the most abundant renewable energy on the planet. The implementation of land based wind turbines has been extremely successful, and is on track to become the top renewable energy producer. In comparison, wind energy over the ocean is stronger and more consistent and, for this reason, advanced wind powered shipping is a viable solution.

Shipping to Hawaii – US ocean shipping to Hawaii uses container ships traveling between the West Coast and Honolulu. The freight is then either used on Oahu or shipped to other islands. This system has created a high cost of living which can be crippling for economic growth. Conventional shipping methods have been crucial for making Hawaii what it is today but new opportunities are blowing in the wind. Hawaii is blessed with trade winds 70% of the time, and a growing economy that could greatly benefit from reduced shipping costs.
The Power Sail Solution – By implementing an advanced wind power solution, we will create a viable business alternative to reduce fuel consumption, and help shipping companies transition into a new clean energy economy.