Pacific Sky Power Wind Turbine Lessons

Pacific Sky Power wind turbines are commonly used in the classroom for hands-on learning. We are currently producing a series of wind turbine lessons to help teachers incorporate wind turbine energy into the curriculum. Each lesson includes an instructional video and a free pdf lesson plan available on the Teachers Tab or by emailing Dan Tracy at


Lesson One Starter Wind Turbine: Learn the basics of how a wind turbine works.

Lesson Two Charger Wind Turbine: Learn about battery charging.

Lesson Three Charger Wind Turbines with Fin: Coming Soon! Learn options for outdoor installation.

Lesson Four Travel Wind Turbine: Coming Soon! Test the potential for wind power at different locations.

Lesson Five Airborne Wind Turbine: Coming Soon! Develop and deploy an airborne wind turbine system.

Lesson Six Hybrid VAWT: Coming Soon! Create a hybrid vertical axis wind turbine system.