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Produce your own power now and always be prepared during your adventures or an emergency.

The Survival Wind Turbine Generator can be used to charge your phones, USB devices, or even jump-start your car. This wind-powered turbine is easy to set up, reliable, and effective. Best used with wind speeds above 8 mph.

Order yours TODAY to make sure you are always prepared!

Where To Use

Traveling, camping, prepping, boating, fishing, cabins, mobile homes, and more.

Stay connected anywhere you travel and keep your USB devices charged off-grid.

Store the Survival Wind Turbine Generator at home for emergency backup power.

Performance Specifications:

Rated Power: 10W – Max Power: 15W – Charging Voltage: 6 – 12V/DC 

Rated Current: 1A – Max Current: 1.6A – Rotor Diameter: 15 in – Blade Number: 2 – Blade Material: Nylon Fiber 

Start-up Wind Speed: 8 mph – Rated Wind Speed: 25 mph – Survival Wind Speed: 50 mph